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a custom website audit for you: the digital mri

Do you need a custom website audit? A deep dive into your website from both a technical and a user standpoint. Or do you need a sparring partner who'll help you and your Team navigate troubled waters? This will uncover hidden issues stopping you from achieving more...

"Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.”– William Durant, co-founder, General Motors

custom website audit service


Feeling frustrated by lacklustre marketing results? Not sure what's holding back your business growth?

Well, worry no more. Ever thought about getting a customized website audit / MRI for your online presence? Imagine having a detailed analysis of your digital marketing strategy. This will pinpoint exactly where things might be going wrong. From ineffective email marketing to missed SEO opportunities. From social media slip-ups to broken links. Uncovering the hidden issues that might be holding you back.  Because in today's competitive online landscape, you need to know where you stand. Without understanding how search engines and potential customers view your website or app, how can you expect to improve and stay ahead?

Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? It's time to uncover those hidden issues and get your marketing back on track. Let's dive in and discover what's been holding you back from reaching your full potential!

scope of the website audit service


Using a variety of tools to aid in the communication process. But if you have preferred ones of your own, it's fine.

Defining a clear communication workflow which will suit you best. A priority is to ensure that communication processes are created that fit your needs.


It's normal for you to need to several stakeholders to be involved. All relevant stakeholders must buy into the concept of the audit. Information and support may be required from them in the process of creating this unique piece of work. But don't worry, there'll be thorough onboarding for everyone involved.


Without analytics and data it can be hard to understand the existing position of your online marketing. From Google Analytics (GA4) to UI/UX tools.  Google Search Console and Tag Manager to Microsoft Clarity. Mailchimp to SEMRush and Sistrix. The data tools used will make sense to provide the most accurate picture.


Being tech-savvy means that as much process automation is integrated into the partnership. You'll receive recommended tech amendments or be introduced to new tech  to help you improve.

Online marketing requires tech. There's no getting away from that. Let's find ways to use technology to best effect in this process.


We operate using a Scope of Work (SOW). This document covers what we will do and, as importantly, what we won't. It is the foundation of our work together and is time-sensitive.

It's typically formulated out of the initial proposal we'll create for you and clearly highlights our deliverables.


This website audit is investment in your business. It takes time, collaboration and a meticulous understanding of the challenges there are in improving your visibility online. It takes around 3-4 weeks to complete and this of course is time we'll charge you. A fair price for an outstanding final report and recommendations.

the outcome of a website audit...


You'll get a complete picture of the issues faced in your online marketing which stop a search engine or a potential customer from engaging with your business. You'll be able to prioritise what makes sense to complete.


Identified opportunities means more growth at your pace for your business. Incorporated in this most unique of reports is competitive analysis which will help you to understand where there are gaps you can fill in your marketplace.

fresh ideas

With the customised website audit, you'll receive a series of fresh ideas: How to improve the technical quality of your website. How to engage your viewer better. How to enhance your search engine rankings. And much more besides.

clear roadmap

Without a plan how are you going to know where you are going? Let's create a clear roadmap covering how to implement our recommendations. The audit is not the end, it's the beginning of our relationship and we're here to help you reach your final destination.

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what they said...

Amazing feedback from brand leaders and senior professionals from around the World...

"Amazing insights and cannot recommend highly enough. I learned so much. Thanks, Claudia."

peter claus lamprecht


"Chris ran a bespoke audit of some of our websites and what he found truly blew us away."

Ben taylor

Nandos UK & Ireland

"Chris elevated our position by sharing valuable insights and guiding us with a bespoke audit which really made sense."



"Claudia and Chris produced some really telling insights that helped me with a website issue for my client."



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Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer


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