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In today’s digital world, your website is like a business card. To see your business really grow, you need to make it friendly to search engines. The reasons you need a consultant can be wide and varied: a new strategy, fresh thinking, more commercial outcomes, or you need your Team to be trained by the best.

"Great knowledge on SEO" - Alexander Zeller


You're tired of working with self-proclaimed experts in SEO. Especially, if those experts don't have the real world expertise to be able to deliver your KPIs. Checkout the services you might need to elevate your organic positions here...

Tuning your website's on-page factors like title tags and metadata lays the foundation for strong SEO and findability.

A site's technical SEO, like optimizing site architecture and code quality, establishes a robust platform upon which other optimization can build.

Strategic link building through high-quality backlinks helps earn trust and authority to boost rankings over time.

Tailoring optimization for local SEO by earning citations, and reviews and optimizing Google My Business improves visibility for small business owners, locally.

An effective content strategy entails creating high-quality, optimized assets from a basis of keyword research, that attract visitors and serve searcher intent.

SEO and AI - the future?

AI and machine learning allow SEO to scale, but human oversight ensures branding, messaging and ethics aren't compromised.

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The Value of hiring an SEO Consultancy for Sustainable Growth

As a business owner, you want your company to keep growing and succeeding over the long term. This requires staying adaptable in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Hiring an experienced organic search specialist provides the expertise and perspective to drive sustainable growth through effective search engine optimization which leads to more website traffic and more opportunities for organic success.

Comprehensive SEO Audits

An SEO audit of your existing site identifies opportunities for improvement.

Increased Online Visibility

Strategic optimizations boost your search engine rankings and presence.

Ongoing Optimization

Regular tune-ups and monitoring maintain momentum.

Latest Methodologies

Access cutting-edge SEO strategies and best practices tailored to your goals.


Avoid costly missteps by partnering with SEO consultants from the start.

Risk Mitigation

Minimize risk of updates, algorithm changes and penalties with guidance.

Quick Implementation

Experienced SEO campaign specialists can often execute tactics swiftly and effectively.

Enhanced Inbound Traffic

Higher visibility drives more qualified site visitors to fuel conversions.

Measurable returns

Data-driven reporting provides insights on SEO return on investment.

Brand Building

SEO strengthens online branding, authority and trust.

SEO consultant service will bring strategic guidance for improving your website's visibility and performance in search engines like Google and Bing.

By optimizing your online presence, a search engine optimization consulting firm helps you reach more potential customers and make progress towards business goals. Investing in an organic traffic growth and delivery strategy is smart digital marketing for long-term gains. However, not all companies are created equal when it comes to executing the perfect SEO strategy. 

You want to partner with SEO experts who offer a blend of technical expertise and business acumen. Look for an SEO consultant with a proven methodology that delivers measurable results tailored to your niche. 

Aim for transparency on strategy and reporting so you understand what's working. The right consultancy will take the time to understand your products, services and target audience to craft custom solutions.


Great knowledge on SEO!

Alexandra (Döbele) Zeller

Amazon Key-Account-Manager at Store It GmbH


Chris ran a workshop for the senior management team that combined exploratory research for his pitch and general SEO social media and PPC education for the Ryman team. His depth of knowledge, combined with his ability to service clients and fee structure with success guarantees saw him win the tender. 


Head of Off-Premise (Takeaway & Delivery) - Nando's UK & Ireland

frequently asked questions...

Can I hire you for just one service?

Of course. You may start with a full marketing or growth MRI for your business, or you may need an SEO service. You can mix and match to suit your unique business requirements. 

How much does a project cost?

We could comment here "it depends" as everything we do is unique. But, we appreciate you need to understand the budget you might need. A small project can be around $5000/€4500, a mid-range from $10,000/€9500 and a large one can begin at $35000/€33000 and reach over $100,000/€90000. But this is, of course, an indicative price scale and you should contact us to discuss your own unique needs.

Who will I be working with during the project?

At letsrocc we don't have account managers. We guarantee you that the person you first engaged with (normally Chris or Claudia) will be the leads in your project. They'll handpick a team of super-experienced contractors to deliver your project.

What do you need from me to prepare a quotation for me (as a client) ?

We've created a form for you to complete which covers all aspects of your business - marketing, competitive landscape, commercials, stakeholders and wins and losses you've experienced. This gives us a wider picture of your business and helps us to determine together the best channels and strategies to focus on.

What's the average project length?

Projects vary in length. Typically an audit will take 14-20 working days (not including final presentation time). We operate purely on monthly SLA (Service Level Agreements). This means that we can redirect activity as necessary or as required. Equally, it means that you can terminate the relationship with us, with absolutely no penalty, after just thirty days.

How are your fees structured for a project?

We hope that we have a clear scope for the project. This helps us to offer you a fixed price for a fixed project. We also love to work on long term projects. We'll assess each project as you present it to us. For smaller projects, you can work on an indicative rate of $250 per hour. 

How do you handle confidentiality?

In our business, we are presented with highly confidential information from the get-go. Whether this is financial information or industry-sensitive information, you can be assured it will stay confidential with us. But, for added security or peace of mind, we are happy to either sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or provide one for you to sign.

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