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If you are old enough, you'll remember the 60's TV Series "Mission Impossible". In this series, the leader of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF) was Jim Phelps. He received a mission, normally in a tape-recorded message that would "self-destruct in 5 seconds". In his team, he had 40 to 50 operatives from around the world. But, for each mission, he would only select 4/5. This is how our online marketing services work. We are "Jim" in this scenario. Hand-picking trusted tactical experts from around the world, based on the work we're doing. Managing them for you and ensure that you get what you need to succeed.

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected." Steve Jobs

our digital marketing services at a glance

The mission must lead to a satisfactory ending - impossible or not! 
"Leave it to us" or "You've just got to pay and we'll do the rest". If this kind of response is what you're used to from your agency or consultant, maybe it's time for a new relationship, fresh thinking and accountability. Clear communication, reporting and a solid set of processes, all governed by a scope of works document with clear deliverables. 

MRI Scans / Audits

Imagine going to the doctor and walking into their office. You're immediately offered medicine.

But, there's been no examination, and they didn't even listen to what your symptoms were.

Carrying out a growth or marketing strategy without a complete forensic audit of your marketing material, your people and your market will likely result in reduced impact or total disappointment.

Why not have a unique, MRI scans? Click here to find out about the Marketing MRI and why this could make sense for your business.

increased visibility

We keep our terminology simple.

You might have figured that out
by now! With this in mind, we
provide you with search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy and training services.

letsrocc SEO consultancy services
are formulated uniquely for your team. With over 29 years of experience pioneering this particular digital marketing process.

Both Chris and Claudia have vast amounts of experience in finding opportunities for increased visibility.
This has been fine-tuned and is guaranteed to provide your website or mobile app with enhanced visibility.

pleasing everyone

When you create an online product you want to create one that pleases both your viewer and the search engines.

Looking at how your product is performing it's important to  understand what the journey looks like for the customer and the engine.

Ensuring that both have a smooth journey to the point you want to take them is paramount - either making a sale or booking a contact with your company.

This is known as conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Maximising the potential of your product is a priority. Want to find out how to optimise your website or app to the max? Click or touch this link to take the first step.

instant leadership

Seasoned an battle-hardened campaigners with a cross functional skill set await you.

 If your business needs a "quick fix" by bringing in seasoned entrepreneurs then you might just have found the right expertise on this website.

Carrying a curated database of solvable problems, in multiple sectors, countries, means you're guaranteed a mentor/coach/support who'll ensure your Team's development and success. Fractional leadership with a range of models tailor made for your needs - part time or interim to suit you.

If you click or touch the links you'll find out more details about   fractional CMO services

pay to play strategies

Some of you will want to have instant success - this is completely normal.

Instant success, however, comes at a price. You have to be prepared to pay to play. This is known as paid advertising.

It takes many forms - paid ads (whether via social media or search engines like Google or Bing) are reasonably expensive.

But, especially in e-commerce and brand-driven organisations, this can be an effective way of driving business to your business.

leaving a legacy

It's great to recruit new people to the team. But there can be consequences for this.

These can include a need for extended training. Why not have a  customised training course for your team or for the individuals with the team? 

It will also take into account the existing skills in your Team, and the one's you'd like to develop further..

You need people who can communicate at the same level as the people they are training. 

Click or touch here to get a free training evaluation and to talk about your needs.

BOOK A CALL WITH CHRIS (ENGLISH) BY CLICKING OR TOUCHING HERE  or with claudia [german]  CLICK OR TOUCH HERE  to rocc your business

what does experience and excellence cost?

Best Value

indicative hourly rates

$200-$450 p/H
€250-€500 P/H

You're just a click away from people who know what it takes to succeed. Contact us for more details on this

Multiple options
Complete transparency
30-day service level agreements
Pay online or by invoice

Prices available for a limited time

"Claudia and Chris have something a lot of SEO and marketing strategy focussed companies in the e-commerce space don't have: Decades of experience and it shows.

They were a great team. They not only talk the talk, they walk the walk!"

Franz Sauerstein

Schwungvoll GmbH


not sure? Here's MOre..

latest questions you've asked

Can I hire you for just one service?

Of course. You may start with a full marketing or growth MRI for your business, or you may need an SEO service. You can mix and match to suit your unique business requirements. 

How much does a project cost?

We could comment here "it depends" as everything we do is unique. But, we appreciate you need to understand the budget you might need. A small project can be around $5000/€4500, a mid-range from $10,000/€9500 and a large one can begin at $35000/€33000 and reach over $100,000/€90000. But this is, of course, an indicative price scale and you should contact us to discuss your own unique needs.

Who will I be working with during the project?

At letsrocc we don't have account managers. We guarantee you that the person you first engaged with (normally Chris or Claudia) will be the leads in your project. They'll handpick a team of super-experienced contractors to deliver your project.

What do you need from me to prepare a quotation for me (as a client) ?

We've created a form for you to complete which covers all aspects of your business - marketing, competitive landscape, commercials, stakeholders and wins and losses you've experienced. This gives us a wider picture of your business and helps us to determine together the best channels and strategies to focus on.

What's the average project length?

Projects vary in length. Typically an audit will take 14-20 working days (not including final presentation time). We operate purely on monthly SLA (Service Level Agreements). This means that we can redirect activity as necessary or as required. Equally, it means that you can terminate the relationship with us, with absolutely no penalty, after just thirty days.

How are your fees structured for a project?

We hope that we have a clear scope for the project. This helps us to offer you a fixed price for a fixed project. We also love to work on long term projects. We'll assess each project as you present it to us. For smaller projects you can work on an indicatie rate of $250 per hour. 

How do you handle confidentiality?

In our business, we are presented with highly confidential information from the get-go. Whether this is financial information or industry-sensitive information, you can be assured it will stay confidential with us. But, for added security or peace of mind, we are happy to either sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or provide one for you to sign.

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