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What's a fractional marketing Agency?

A fractional marketing agency offers you an operational, cross-functional leader who works with your company
on a part-time or interim outsourced basis. As your fractional CMO, Chris functions as an extension of your team, providing
strategic guidance and hands-on execution across key business functions.  This flexible, affordable model allows you
to access C-level expertise without the cost of a full-time executive.

"I need very little in the way of onboarding as I've created growth strategies in multiple industries."

fractional marketing agency 

focused on growth

Your new fractional marketing agency will focus on the opportunities for growth in all channels and departments, if necessary. Growth is about accelerating the business at a rate which makes sense to you.

natural leader

I've held senior leadership roles in major international corporations and small start ups. I lead with a combination of assertiveness and empathy, and my teams have testified to my abilities over the years.


Not only do I represent great value for money, but I also look at how I can save you money. I'm focused on both top-line and bottom-line financials, and I am skilled in budgeting and financial planning.

reaching the goals you set

Before we work together, I'll have asked you a series of questions about your business, the vision, the mission and the KPIs - essentially what does success look like for me in this interim position. I am results driven.


From website development to creative design. Financial management to leadership. Training to logistics and throughout the org, I'll find ways for you to improve. More, I'll create executable strategies and help you to improve.

Personality and gravitas

I'm a humble guy. A nice person to be around. I am capable of communication and reporting at all levels. I'm a team player who doesn't want to be involved in politics. I'm here for you as a supporter, coach and mentor.

Best Value

indicative pricing

$250 P/H

We'll talk about specifics on our call together. There's no one-size-fits-all with Chris

He'll listen to you
He'll understand
He'll give you my thoughts
He'll share my experience
He'll provide some tips / ideas

Package available for a limited time

"Chris is the type of individual and connection everyone wishes for: professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and with the right mindset to simply get things done then and there."

Monica Cristea - Berlin

Talent Acquisition Partner - Blackbird Collective

This is a QR code which links to my LinkedIn profile. You can see an image of Chris Wheeler in a circle which says

"the day of the specialist is over. generalists add value"


"I guess he is one of the few persons that i would trust to run and develop my whole business as if it would be his own. Never met someone that is more professional, at the same time approachable, focused, experienced and hard working than him."

Kim Körber

CEO, Investor

"His (Chris') attention to detail and efficiency has helped the Company image to deliver and never failed to deliver on his promises and meet the set targets and expectations."

Maria Attard

Operations Director

"Chris helped me to learn new skills and trained me in administrative techniques. He was always there to support me and the team, even in some difficult circumstances we all faced."

Francesco Marino

Global Content Manager


From Sales to Marketing, Commercial Leadership and Founding

Over the past 34 years, Chris has worked in multiple sectors. Crafting award-winning strategies and delivering tactical excellence. He'll tell you he's learned a lot about leadership, financial management, digital marketing, and people. 


Designed, Developed and Marketed

From the first website he designed and developed in Compuserve in 1996, I've designed websites from simple brochure sites to full e-commerce. Skills include WordPress, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and C#. He's not built a website since 2012 but has worked hands-on from the front end continuously up to 2024.

35% saved

Across Multiple Industry Sectors

As well as looking at how he can make you money, Chris also has one eye on how much he can save you. He's excelled in negotiating amazing deals for both employers and clients, with their suppliers - on average 35%. He knows the value of certain services having operated both client and agency side - bringing you the fairest and best deals possible.


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