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Practice makes perfect. Yes, you can read blogs, you can watch vids on YouTube or you can have a one-size-fits-all package online or onsite. But what about custom SEO training for your Team?

A training package built for you and your market...

Digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all process - never has been. It's always been the case that you need to understand your competitors, your marketplace, your ability to rank in search engines, engage with great ads, or simply just put more money in the bank.  Now you can receive custom SEO training online or onsite...

audit and fine tune

Optimize your site’s information architecture for maximum crawlability.

keyword mastery

Conduct in-depth research to single out relevant high-traffic searches.

content optimization

Seamlessly integrate keywords into your content for greater relevance.

on page excellence

Optimize URL structure, headlines, body copy, and image alt text..

technical enhancements

Improve website speed and implement schema markup.

link building

Build high-quality backlinks to boost domain authority and rankings.

Best Value

indicative pricing

1500€ per day

Let's talk about specifics on our call together. We'll make your budget work for you.

Listening comes first
Understanding the business
Building a training plan for you
Learning skill levels
Side by side / hands on

Pricing Held for a Limited Time

"Chris is the type of individual and connection everyone wishes for: professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and with the right mindset to simply get things done then and there."

Monica Cristea - Berlin

Talent Acquisition Partner - Blackbird Collective

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What You'll Learn in a custom seo training course...


Identifying and merging strategic keywords is key for search engine ranking success. Study relevant search queries and survey the competition before optimizing a page.

Learn how to tap into market demand, naturally mixing keywords for both search engines and human visitors.

You'll be provided with tools to reveal opportunities, assess difficulty, analyze search intent, and integrate terms properly on-site. These skills help you delve into long-tail keywords that make search results sing.


On-page search engine optimisation mixes elements that search engines consider when crawling, indexing, and ranking.

From URL structure to headlines, body text, image optimisation, site speed, internal linking, and schema markup.

Leveraging semantic HTML and blending natural keywords is crucial.

link building TECHNIQUES

In our world, backlinks boost credibility. Earning quality backlinks from relevant, reputable sites can improve SERP rankings.

Advanced link-building training focuses on long-lasting white hat outreach strategies, steering you in creating compelling owned assets that attract links naturally. Learn to identify and connect with the right publishers, building a solid basis for your website.


Regularly checking site analytics supplies critical data for assessing optimisation efforts.

Learn how to track key metrics such as traffic sources, ranking movements, top converting keywords, and pages per session.

Sharpen your analytical skills to separate telling signals from vanity metrics, highlighting the most relevant data for improved website rankings and business growth.


Beyond the technical aspects, our SEO courses highlight leveraging SEO insights for overall business growth.

Understand the link between SEO success and increased brand visibility, user engagement, and conversion rates.

Learn to align SEO strategies with broader business goals, creating a holistic approach that resonates with both search engines and your target audience.


Effective search engine optimisation goes hand-in-hand with creating compelling content. Dive deep into content creation strategies that not only meet SEO standards but also delight your audience.

Discover the art of storytelling, crafting engaging narratives that keep visitors on your site longer and promote social sharing.

Guarantee that your content resonates with both algorithms and human readers.

The digital landscape evolves rapidly, and staying ahead is vital. Our training extends beyond current best practices, providing you with the mindset and skills to adapt to future changes. Explore trends, algorithm updates, and technical advancements, ensuring that your strategies remain state-of-the-art and effective in the ever-shifting online environment.

With personalised training, containing technical expertise, strategic thinking, and a forward-looking approach, you’ll not only top Google’s first page but also create a solid online presence that stands the test of time.

Our experienced instructors are committed to your success, working one-on-one until basic concepts click. Ready to gain the visibility you deserve? Request a free check today to get matched with your website’s perfect trainer!


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"I guess he is one of the few persons that i would trust to run and develop my whole business as if it would be his own. Never met someone that is more professional, at the same time approachable, focused, experienced and hard working than him."

Kim Körber

CEO, Investor

"His (Chris') attention to detail and efficiency has helped the Company image to deliver and never failed to deliver on his promises and meet the set targets and expectations."

Maria Attard

Operations Director

"Chris helped me to learn new skills and trained me in administrative techniques. He was always there to support me and the team, even in some difficult circumstances we all faced."

Francesco Marino

Global Content Manager

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